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Crawling - Babies on the Move!

Posted in Developing Baby Skills

Crawling - Babies on the Move! Every milestone your baby reaches is an exciting time, but when your baby starts crawling, you have every right to feel excited and proud. And then it hits you… they’re on the move! Now, they can escape! Babies typically start crawling between 7 and 11 months, but whether your little one is trying to crawl or hasn’t quite got there yet, here are some hints and tips about this exciting (and worrying) time.…

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Tummy Time for Babies

Posted in Developing Baby Skills

Tummy Time for Babies Babies can benefit from being placed down on their tummies as it encourages neck control, helps them learn to use their arms and legs to push themselves up and can help them learn to crawl. It is also a good opportunity to inspect the world around them, seeing things from a new angle. Now that parents are strongly recommended to always place their baby on their back for sleeping (to reduce the chance of SIDS), it is recommended that babies have tummy time during…

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Encouraging Pre-Verbal Skills

Posted in Developing Baby Skills

Encouraging Pre-Verbal Skills image: www.newkidscenter.com While your baby won’t be talking until they are around a year old, this sudden ability to vocalise doesn’t come out of nowhere! Everything you do with your baby, everything he sees, hears and experiences is helping him learn. You can help your baby with pre-verbal learning while having fun together and boosting his skills, confidence and enjoyment of life. Non-Verbal Communication Only a small part of our communication is conducted…

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