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Child Development 6-9 Months

Posted in Month by Month Development

Child Development 6-9 Months 6 months already! It is time to consider weaning, ask your health visitor if you aren’t sure your baby is ready. Most babies at this stage will be ready to use a cup for drinking.  A 6 month old will hold out his arms to get picked up, and reward you by sticking his fingers in your mouth or patting your face (thereby telling you that you are his favourite person!). He will reach out to touch other babies and respond to his own name, and will turn his head to listen…

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Child Development 3-6 Months

Posted in Month by Month Development

Child Development 3-6 Months By three months old, your baby will have changed so much since birth you’ll be constantly amazed at his progress. And the changes keep on coming! Over the next 3 months, you will observe the disappearance of some of the primitive reflexes as he develops voluntary skills to replace them. At 3 Months Old At 3 months, baby will begin to recognise you from a photograph, rather than just from your tangible presence. He will smile easily and enjoy the attention that all…

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Child Development 9-12 Months

Posted in Month by Month Development

Child Development 9-12 Months Nine short months ago, you had a tiny helpless baby, now you have a little person with a big personality who keeps on changing every day. So, what’s happening now? Is she crawling? If not, she soon will be; time to baby proof the house if you haven’t already. Some babies are even walking at this age, although for most this is still to come. There are many other options; crawling, bottom shuffling, sideways wriggling, but they all allow baby to move around and she…

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Child Development 0-3 Months

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Child Development 0-3 Months You've made it! You’ve joined the ranks of parenthood. So, what now? Is he normal? What is normal anyway? There is no definitive answer. Your new baby is an individual, and will do things at his own pace, albeit within certain generally acknowledged time frames, therefore comparison is not a helpful parenting skill to develop. Instinct is a much more useful tool. You know your child best, and even the professionals will acknowledge that.
As long as your baby's…

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