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Extended Breastfeeding - What exactly is it?

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Extended Breastfeeding - What exactly is it? If you continue breastfeeding past the first year of your baby’s life, it is considered extended breastfeeding; that’s not to say there is anything unusual or even that different about continuing after your baby’s first birthday! Many, many women continue to feed; it is the norm in other countries to continue until your child is 4 or 5. It is up to you how long you breastfeed your child; only you know what’s best for yourself and your little one.…

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Breastfeeding Problems

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Breastfeeding Problems    Some common problems you may encounter when breastfeeding; Breast Pain Breast pain can be caused by a  number of conditions including  mastitis and thrush. If you have pain  deep in the breast tissue, it is always  best to seek medical advice from your  doctor. If your pain is accompanied by a temperature it is likely you have  an infection and this will need  prompt treatment. Engorged Breasts When your breasts feel hard, lumpy,  swollen and painful, it is…

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Breastfeeding in Public

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Breastfeeding in PublicThere is a certain amount of ongoing controversy over breastfeeding in public. Some breastfeeding Mothers are completely comfortable feeding their child in public, others feel self-conscious. Then there are the attitudes of the people around you; some are unfazed while other people are offended. There are still stories in the media now and then about  mothers who have been asked to stop breastfeeding in a  public area, causing much outrage among breastfeeding…

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Expressing and Storing Breast Milk

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Expressing and Storing Breast Milk The reality of breastfeeding is that it is demanding. One of the best ways you can ease the pressure is to express and store breast milk. Remember though that expressing is not essential. It is a choice and it may not suit you or your circumstances. We would advise you to speak to a health professional if you have any concerns or questions. Local health nurses can be a minefield of information as they deal with this on a daily basis. Expressing allows you to build…

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Ouch! Causes of Pain when Breastfeeding

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Ouch! Causes of Pain when Breastfeeding Pain when breastfeeding can be very alarming. There are a number of reasons why some breastfeeding Mothers experience pain during breastfeeding. With all these causes, it is important that you deal with the issue as soon as possible so that you can limit the problem and resume normal service! Causes of Breast Pain Here are some of the most common causes of breast  pain when breastfeeding… Mastitis Mastitis causes inflammation and pain in the breast. It  usually…

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Latching Baby to the Breast

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Latching Baby to the Breast
Breastfeeding might be the most natural way to feed your bay, but that doesn't mean that it will all come naturally to you, or your baby! Breastfeeding is something that most women find they have to work on and one of the most important aspects of ‘getting it right’ is the latch. How baby attaches to the breast can be crucial when it comes to how they feed and how you feel. Problems Attaching Baby to the Breast Problems with the latch can result in a number of…

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Breastfeeding On Demand

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Breastfeeding On Demand Breastfeeding on demand means feeding your baby when they need to feed rather than feeding on a schedule. There are many reasons why breastfeeding on demand can be good for your baby and also good for the Mother. Best for Baby Breastfeeding is reputed to reduce the risk of your child being overweight or obese in later years. One of the reasons many experts feel that this is the case is down to the fact that breastfeeding is the perfect opportunity for your baby to…

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Why Breastfeed?

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Why Breastfeed?  There are few more important decisions to make than how to feed your baby. Bottle or breast? Throughout pregnancy your baby has got everything he needs from your body and that needn't change. Your body produces milk that is specially made to meet your baby’s needs from feed to feed. Even the most expensive formula would never be able to do that. Best For Baby Breast milk is full of antibodies which will help protect  your baby against health problems such as…

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