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Foods to Avoid for Babies

Posted in Weaning

Foods to Avoid for BabiesUntil your baby is 6 months old, all they need is breast milk or formula. If you think your baby needs to be introduced to solids before this time, consult your doctor for advice. Weaning can be a tricky time, and when you are weaning you will often find yourself wondering if your baby can have a particular food. While most foods are fine with the right preparation, there are things you should be careful with and a few things you should avoid.…

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Drinks for Babies

Posted in Weaning

Drinks for BabiesYour baby won’t need anything else to drink when they are being breast or bottle-fed exclusively. When they start trying out solid foods during the weaning period, you may like to introduce some drinks to your little one. It is important to choose drinks for your baby very carefully as drinks for older children and adults are often far too high in sugar and other additives, or just simply too strong for baby’s young stomach.  When can my Baby Use a  Cup?  From the…

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Baby’s First Recipes

Posted in Weaning

Baby’s First Recipes image: kidshealth.org When you are starting to introduce solids to your baby, it can be hard to think of new and exciting things they can try that are safe and yet tempting enough to get them excited. Here are a few ideas to try. These meal ideas use elements of traditional weaning and finger foods as used in baby-led weaning… you can always tailor your baby’s menu to suit your family. These ideas are suitable for babies over 6 months. •Baby Brekkie Make up some…

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Ideal First Solids

Posted in Weaning

Ideal First Solids Babies love to explore their food, and when you are weaning your little one, you will no doubt want to give them as many different textures and flavours as you can. Whether you are using purees and smooth textures to introduce your child to solid foods or you are trying baby-led weaning, there are lots of ways you can introduce your baby to their first foods. Here are some tried and tested  foods to try with your baby,  just  remember, even if they  hate a…

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Baby-Led Weaning vs. Traditional Weaning

Posted in Weaning

Baby-Led Weaning vs. Traditional Weaning There are lots of different approaches to weaning and like most parenting issues, what is right for one family, won’t necessarily suit another. There are two main camps when it comes to weaning; the ‘traditional’ approach and the ‘baby-led’ approach. You may choose to take a traditional  route, try out baby-led weaning or  combine the two techniques. You  will find that in time, you tailor your  approach to your baby’s unique  tastes;  part of the excitement of…

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When should I start to Wean?

Posted in Weaning

When should I start to Wean? One of the big milestones in your baby’s young life is when they have their first taste of solid foods. Knowing when to wean can be difficult; when is your baby ready to leave a milk diet behind and begin their adventure into the world of solids? Professional Opinion It is recommended that you wait  until your baby is 6 months old  before you introduce solids. This  advice is often contradicted by  other Mothers because in the past  the advice was very different.…

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