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Food Sensitivities and Intolerances

Posted in Allergies / Asthma

Food Sensitivities and IntolerancesHaving a baby or young child with a food intolerance or sensitivity can make childcare an even more difficult job than it is already. Mealtimes should be happy times and food should be a positive thing in your baby’s life. If your baby is unwell and you aren't sure why, they may be suffering from a sensitivity to a particular food. This might range from a mild sensitivity to a particular ingredient or it might mean your little one has an allergy or complete…

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Asthma in Babies

Posted in Allergies / Asthma

Asthma in Babies	Asthma is a common childhood condition; over a million children suffer from it in the UK alone. Essentially what asthma means is that the bronchi, the tubes within the lungs, are sensitive to certain triggers. Triggers may include dust, animal hair, pollen, certain types of weather, exercise and even some medications. Each case is different;  While one child may be very sensitive to  many of the triggers, another may only have  an asthmatic reaction to one specific…

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