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Baby Skincare

Posted in Common Health Problems

Baby Skincare It can be alarming when you see a rash, blemish or dry patch on your baby’s skin, but don’t panic. A skin problem can be completely normal and nothing to worry about. It can however be a symptom of a more serious illness, so it can be a good idea to familiarize yourself with typical skin problems in babies.…

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When to Call the Doctor

Posted in Common Health Problems

When to Call the DoctorShould I call the doctor? It’s a dilemma for all parents. You’re not sure; you don’t want them to think you’re incompetent, but you certainly don’t want to take any risks. A good doctor will never think you are wasting his time, he will be glad to reassure you. And he will have faith (maybe more than you) in your maternal instinct. So the answer is if you are in any way concerned, seek help. But who to call? Maybe you just need advice, maybe an ambulance. The list…

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Ear Infections in Babies

Posted in Common Health Problems

Ear Infections in BabiesBabies are prone to ear infections due to the simple fact that the tubes inside their ears are shorter and so more easily blocked, trapping fluid and creating the ideal place for infection to develop. An ear infection can be very uncomfortable for your baby; they may develop a fever and the pain may be severe. They key is in recognizing the signs and symptoms and acting quickly to fight infection and get your baby back to their usual happy self. To avoid future ear…

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Slapped Cheek/Fifth Disease in Babies

Posted in Common Health Problems

Slapped Cheek/Fifth Disease in BabiesSlapped Cheek Syndrome, or Fifth Disease as it is also known, gets its name from the bright red patch that appears on the child’s cheeks and from the fact that it is the fifth most common disease in children. The rash may spread across the body as well as the face. Other symptoms include a high temperature, itchy skin, fatigue, headaches and a sore throat. These are all symptoms that could appear with any viral illness, it is the bright red rash on the face that is…

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Chickenpox in Babies

Posted in Common Health Problems

Chickenpox in BabiesIt’s a parent’s nightmare, when you first see the dreaded red blistering spots appearing over your little ones body and know that chickenpox has arrived. Be reassured that it had to happen one day, and it could turn out to be a mild case. Chickenpox is a common virus spread by coughing, sneezing and sometimes even breathing in the same air as an infected person.  Coming from the varicella zoster  virus, the reason chickenpox is so  easily spread and so hard to…

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Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Posted in Common Health Problems

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease'What on earth is this!?' If you haven’t come across it before, hand, foot and mouth disease can look very worrying. The illness is a mild viral infection caused by one of the coxsackie viruses and is highly contagious, mostly for children under the age of 10. It's almost too easy to catch!  Through coughing,  sneezing,  skin to skin or  contact with  bodily fluids  it  can be passed  very  quickly  and (similar to  chicken  pox)  your little  one  could  have  the…

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Coughs, Colds and Flu

Posted in Common Health Problems

Coughs, Colds and Flu A cough, cold or flu is unpleasant in adults and it can be hard to watch your baby suffer, but rest assured that none of these conditions last for very long and there are lots of things you can do to help your baby feel better while they are unwell.  Coughing in Babies  A dry cough is caused by swelling of the airways and is usually a  sign of flu. A chesty cough is caused by baby trying to clear his  lungs of mucus, and the most likely cause of this is the common…

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Coping with Baby's Fever

Posted in Common Health Problems

Coping with Baby's Fever When your baby has a temperature, they can appear so unwell that as a parent, our first reaction may well be to panic. Fortunately, bringing the temperature down safely makes a huge difference to how your baby feels and behaves. Knowing how to recognise a high temperature or fever and then how to bring it down will come in very handy. Arm yourself with information and be confident that you can handle your baby when they are unwell and remember, of course, that a…

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