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Baby Bites and Stings

Posted in First Aid

Baby Bites and Stings'Ouch!' We all know how every bite and sting hurts as immediately as it happens, so when it's happening to your little one, it can seem like you too feel their pain. Different treatments are required for different ailments, so don't be running to grab the same remedy for all. There are a number of things that can cause bites and stings, such as wasps, bees, hornets, midges and fleas. Some of these insect stings have no lasting effect, so once the initial pain has…

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Baby Bumps and Bruises

Posted in First Aid

Baby Bumps and Bruises'When did this happen?', 'How?', 'Where did this one come from!?'  If you have ever found a little bump of bruise on your little one and wondered where it came from, don’t worry – it happens to all parents at some stage. Small bumps and bruises are bound to appear on your little one as they grow up and begin to sit independently, start to crawl and eventually take those first wobbly steps. Before you know it they can walk. Bumps and bruises are going to happen, it's…

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What to do if a Baby is Choking

Posted in First Aid

What to do if a Baby is ChokingChoking occurs when the airway is blocked, either partially or completely. Babies explore with their mouth, and they do not always chew and swallow in the right order. Premature or c/section babies may be at more risk, as are those with conditions like developmental delay.    Reducing The Risk  • Never leave baby alone to feed; young  babies may not be able to turn away from a  bottle if they begin to choke.  • Never allow baby to crawl/walk around  eating in case…

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