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Fertility Awareness

Posted in Fertility Awareness

If you or someone you know is suffering from infertility, then you know how difficult this condition can be.

The World Health Organisation has calculated that over 10% of women are affected by infertility.1 

Babytime.ie are running a fertility awareness campaign where we hope to provide you with facts, helpful information and links all which are designed to help you and those you know, work towards the goal of creating your family.

We will have contributions from people working in the field as well as an insight from one of the Irish fertility clinics. 

The first Infographic below has a few helpul tips on fertility for women who are trying to conceive.

Fertility Tips for Women Infographic 


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1.      1.  http://www.who.int/reproductivehealth/topics/infertility/perspective/en/index.html




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