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Smoking and Fertility

Posted in Fertility Concerns

Smoking and Fertility There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about how smoking affects fertility. So, what are the facts? Is it the same for men and women? Is it actually worth quitting? We are all aware that smoking is bad for the health generally. There is a huge campaign to make us aware of the risks, from respiratory problems to cancer.…

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Lifestyle Changes for Fertility

Posted in Fertility Concerns

Lifestyle Changes for Fertility When you are trying to get pregnant, you often feel like you would make any change to your lifestyle that might possibly make it easier or faster for you to get pregnant. One of the big questions many couples ask is about their diet and lifestyle. Can small changes to your daily routine make it more likely for you to conceive? Does it matter what you eat or how much exercise you do? We all know that a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise make for better…

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Age and Fertility – Men and Women

Posted in Fertility Concerns

Age and Fertility – Men and Women Fertility is affected by age. So how old you are will affect your chances of getting pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy and also how long it takes to get pregnant in the first place. If you are thinking of getting pregnant and are concerned that your age may make this more difficult, then speak to your doctor who can advise you on your personal circumstances and how you may be able to increase your chances.…

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