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Gestational Diabetes

Posted in Common Pregnancy Complications

Gestational DiabetesAn estimated 2-5% of women suffer from gestational diabetes, and as a result women are screened throughout pregnancy for warning signs of diabetes. Diabetes occurs in pregnancy when the body has higher glucose levels and struggles to produce enough insulin to deal with it. It is very important that gestational diabetes is caught as early as possible so that it can be managed or treated.…

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Common Complications of Pregnancy

Posted in Common Pregnancy Complications

Common Complications of Pregnancy Without becoming an internet hypochondriac or scaring yourself into symptom spotting, it can be very useful to have a basic knowledge of some of the most common complications that can occur during pregnancy.  Hyperemesis Gravidarum The majority of women experience nausea and sickness during pregnancy. Commonly called morning sickness, many women find it isn’t limited to the early part of the day! Occasionally, this sickness is so severe that it causes dehydration…

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