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Post Natal Depression - How to Recognise the Signs

Posted in Pregnancy Concerns

Post Natal Depression - How to Recognise the Signs Post Natal Depression can be a serious illness, and one of the best ways to deal with it is to recognise the signs and symptoms quickly so that you can seek help for yourself or your partner. Here are some common signs of PND that might be a sign that you should be seeking help.  Signs of PND
  • Low mood – feeling sad, low and down are some of the most obvious signs of depression of any kind. However, feeling down…

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What is Post Natal Depression (PND)?

Posted in Pregnancy Concerns

What is Post Natal Depression (PND)? Depression occurring after a birth is known as Post Natal Depression, or PND. It occurs much more frequently than most people realise, and while it is commonly associated with post-natal mothers, it can also affect men. Why does it happen? There is no way of knowing which woman will be affected by Post Natal Depression and which will not. Some women may be more at risk than others and these include;
  • Those who…

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Smoking Cessation during Pregnancy

Posted in Pregnancy Concerns

Smoking Cessation during Pregnancy If you smoke, heavily or occasionally, your doctor or midwife will talk to you about the importance of stopping during pregnancy. With all the excitement, stress, worry and upheaval that occur during this important time in your life, it might seem like one of the most difficult time to give up the habit, but it is also one of the best, and most rewarding times to quit. Why Stop Smoking during Pregnancy? Experts…

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Prenatal Depression and Birth Anxiety

Posted in Pregnancy Concerns

Prenatal Depression and Birth Anxiety We read a lot about post-natal depression (PND), but what about depression during pregnancy? Prenatal depression can happen to any woman, but those who have suffered from depression in the past and those with high risk or unexpected pregnancies are more at risk. If there are difficult circumstances surrounding the pregnancy or if life in general is fraught, prenatal depression is more common. It can also be…

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