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Complications During Labour

Posted in Labour

Complications During Labour We all know that things sometimes go wrong. Not thinking about complications during labour won’t make those complications less likely, but it might make labour a scarier prospect. Many women feel relieved to learn that the majority of births go ahead normally and naturally. Another reassuring fact, is that doctors, midwives and surgeons are all very well prepped to deal with the unexpected and will have dealt…

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Pain Relief During Labour - What are the options?

Posted in Labour

Pain Relief During Labour - What are the options? It is one of the most important considerations for many women during labour; pain relief is always going to be top of the agenda whether you want a birth which is as natural as possible or are all for having as much help as possible. Whatever your feelings about pain relief, it helps to be armed with knowledge about the various options you have available so you can make informed decisions. Medications Gas and Air (entonox) is breathed in through a mouthpiece or…

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