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Questions To Ask At Your Childs Parent Teacher Meeting

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Questions To Ask At Your Childs Parent Teacher Meeting The parent teacher meeting is an important part of the school year and a time to meet with teacher(s) face to face. We know our children better than anyone. We know their strengths and their weaknesses, and we know what they enjoy doing. So it can be easy to approach a parent teacher meeting thinking that you aren't going to gain any insights into your child, but you should use the opportunity wisely by being prepared. Chances are you will learn something new…

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Talking about Sex

Posted in Important Conversations

Talking about Sex How much does your child need to know about sex? How much detail do they need? Unfortunately, there is no right answer to this question. Every child is different and will respond different to the information you give them. Some may have no interest in knowing anything about sex until they are older, others will start with the questions at a young age. The best way to deal with the issue is to try to identify what…

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Staying Safe Online

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Staying Safe Online The internet is one of the most valuable tools we have in learning, communication and creativity. Our children, like it or not, are growing up in a time when the answer to any question is at their fingertips. This makes so much information available and opens up a world of possibilities that means our children simply grow up differently. Whether you embrace modern technology, are a technophobe or are wary of the…

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Discussing Puberty with Girls

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Discussing Puberty with Girls It might be your worst nightmare, or a bonding experience you are looking forward to, but almost every parent will admit worrying about raising the topic of puberty with their child. Girls and boys need a slightly different ‘talk’, so knowing what to say to one and what to say to the other can be a minefield. After all, we all want to strike the right balance between giving them all the information they want or…

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Discussing Puberty With Boys

Posted in Important Conversations

Discussing Puberty With Boys Every child needs to know about puberty before it hits, or they may well be blind-sided by the range of physical, mental and emotional changes that take place at this often difficult period of their lives. Girls and boys need different information, so knowing what to say to one and what to say to the other can be tricky. While many people think that girls need to know more than boys because of the start of the…

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