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Ideas for Active Children

Posted in Physical Activity

Ideas for Active Children Whether your child feels like they can’t sit still, whether they are constantly flitting from one activity to the next or whether they simply have so much energy that they aren’t quite sure what to do with it all, having an energetic, active child is a blessing. That’s not to say it is easy to keep them occupied!…

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How Much Exercise Does my Child Need

Posted in Physical Activity

How Much Exercise Does my Child Need Guidelines on how much we need to exercise and what we need to be eating are constantly changing. It is the same for children. As our lifestyles change, children get less of their exercise from general activity and play; playing outdoors is often exchanged for indoor activities such as television and computer games. While these activities have their place in any balanced lifestyle, it is important that sedentary…

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Getting Active as a Family

Posted in Physical Activity

Getting Active as a Family Most of us, young and old could benefit from getting some more exercise in our lives. Caring for children can make this more difficult; hitting the gym, heading out to an exercise class or joining a sports team can be difficult to commit to when you have children to think of. However, getting more active together as a family could be good for the whole family, and provide you with valuable bonding time. Exercise…

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