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Struggling with Schoolwork – How to Help your Child

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Struggling with Schoolwork – How to Help your Child Every child is different and learns in a different way – how your child learns and which subjects they prefer is just another part of their newly emerging personality. However, in order for them to get a good well-rounded education that takes the whole curriculum into account (and not just the bits they like) it is important that they engage with all the subjects they are taught.…

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Problems at School

Posted in Problems at School

Problems at School Every child occasionally has off days when they don’t enjoy school or don’t particularly want to go. This could be down to a number of reasons; perhaps they have had a conflict with another pupil, are finding the schoolwork difficult or are feeling unwell. Whatever the cause, it can be easy to worry about it; we all get concerned about how our children are progressing at school from time to time. Are they making…

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Peer Pressure

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Peer PressureIt’s a phrase we hear bandied about a lot, but what is peer pressure and how can you help your children avoid giving in to it and make good decisions? What is Peer Pressure? Any time you feel like you ‘should’ do something because other people are doing it, that’s peer pressure. This might mean putting a coin in a charity box because everyone else in the queue put one in and you didn’t want to look uncharitable, or it might mean having a cigarette because the people…

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It is a word that every parent dreads, but bullying is a reality in the lives of many children. As parents, we can never completely protect our children from the other people they will meet as the go to school each day, attend extra-curricular clubs and become more and more independent. So if your child is being bullied, don’t blame yourself. People of all ages suffer from bullying, and the only one to blame is the person inflicting the bullying behaviour. Signs…

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