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Using 'Time Out' to Teach your Toddler

Posted in Postive and Negative Reinforcement

Using 'Time Out' to Teach your Toddler Toddlers need time out. When they get overwhelmed and act up, have a tantrum or do something that they have been told not to do, time out of the situation can be the best solution. Master the art of ‘time out’ and you can deal with your toddler’s tantrums and unwanted behaviour quickly and easily, every time. Some parents use the naughty step, the concept is the same, but beware that a child placed on the ‘naughty’ step may start to think that they are naughty and…

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Reward Charts for Toddlers

Posted in Postive and Negative Reinforcement

Reward Charts for ToddlersA reward chart is a great tool which enables any parent to encourage good behaviour in their child. This is an ideal way to use positive reinforcement – reward the good behaviour and it is more likely to be repeated. Creating the Chart A good reward chart has the days of the week listed along one side and a few tasks along the other side that you would like your child to complete. Each day, your child gets a star, tick or sticker against the task, if it is…

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