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Play Dates

Posted in Socialising Problems

Play Dates Having a child over to play in your home can be very exciting for your child, and it can be a great way for them to socialise. It can also provide a valuable opportunity for you to meet the parents of other children and to see how your child interacts with other children.…

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Helping Toddlers Learn to Play with Others

Posted in Socialising Problems

Helping Toddlers Learn to Play with Others Social Interaction is one of the things your toddler learns during these pre-school years, but they may find it difficult at times to interact with other children and it can lead to problems. Tantrums, aggressive behaviour and avoidance of social situations can be all part of being a toddler when it comes to playing with other children. There are many reasons why toddlers find it particularly difficult to play with others, but each one has a solution. Sharing Children…

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Teaching Toddlers to Share

Posted in Socialising Problems

Teaching Toddlers to Share Sharing is not easy. It can feel impossible when your toddler goes through the “mine, mine, mine” stage. Possessions are important to toddlers, they get very attached to thing that are theirs and they have very little concept of something belonging to others. They also haven’t got enough experience of the world or understanding to see that while sometimes you share something and get it back, for example a toy, and sometimes you don’t get it back, for example a…

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