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Outdoor Fun For Toddlers

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Outdoor Fun For Toddlers Spending time outdoors is good for your child in so many different ways. For a start, they get more exercise which is great for their health and fitness. They also get valuable vitamin D from the sunlight and plenty of fresh air. All this means a strong appetite, better sleep and a happier child. So if you want something different to do with your child outside, check out these options that can turn a dull day into an adventure. Water Play This is a great activity…

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Nature walks for Toddlers

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While nature walks are a staple part of many school activities or nursery day trips, toddlers can enjoy this fun activity too. With some simple planning, you can teach your child valuable lessons about the outside world as well as having lots of fun and of course, getting some good exercise and fresh air.  Animal Magic Whatever the weather, you can enjoy the out of doors with your child. On a rainy day, wellington boots and a raincoat and umbrella make jumping in…

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Reading to your Toddler - Tips for Parents

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Reading to your Toddler - Tips for Parents  We all know that reading is good for our children, but did you know that even newborns can benefit from hearing you read? The benefits are magnified as your child gets older, and at the toddler stage your child is at their most receptive to new words and ideas. So boost their vocabulary, teach them about the world around them and get them interested in books in general by making the most of your reading times together. What to Read Don’t worry so much about the…

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Learning Games for Toddlers

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Learning Games for Toddlers Toddlers love to play, and with each game, however silly, they are learning. As they play, they make connections about the world around them and gain valuable skills that will help them when they make the move into more formal education. Games that you can enjoy with your child and that can help them learn benefit the whole family – so here are some ideas for your enjoy learning games. Matching Shapes Some simple cards that you make yourself can be just as good as…

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Make it Yourself - DIY fun with your Toddler

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Most children love the make their own toys – getting artistic and then actually having something they can play with afterwards is incredibly rewarding for children of all ages, so here are a few ideas that you can use to get creative with your child.  Puppets Puppets are great fun – they look cool and they promote great imaginative play with is essential for your child’s development. One of the easiest and best ways to make puppets with your child is to get hold of…

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Getting Crafty with your Toddler

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Getting Crafty with your ToddlerCraft time is a happy time for most toddlers. They love the chance to get creative and experiment with different textures, colours and techniques. At the toddler stage, children are so proud of their artwork, every little achievement is a big deal and you can make this even more rewarding by making a fuss over their creations, displaying and enjoying them in the home.   Make a Craft Box  Putting together a craft box of  materials and tools to help your  child enjoy…

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Cooking with your Toddler

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Cooking with your ToddlerChildren love to help with household tasks, and cookery is one of the tasks most likely to get their full attention. Not only because cookery has lots of potential for mess, but also because they love to sample the finished results! Getting busy in the kitchen is a great way to bond with your children – just as shared mealtimes are a great time to chat, cooking and baking can give you plenty of opportunity to have close conversations with your child, whether that…

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