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Healthy Sweet Treats for Toddlers

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Healthy Sweet Treats for ToddlersThey all deserve a sweet snack now and then and toddlers love their little treats! Whether you serve these after dinner as dessert, for a kids party or for a weekend treat, remember to keep the amount of sugar your child has to a minimum and if you are serving a sweet treat then cut down on sugar elsewhere, such as in drinks.…

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Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

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Healthy Snacks for Toddlers
Your toddler may sometimes seem like a bottomless pit – following you to the kitchen for a snack every time you get up! At other times, the same toddler may need coaxing to eat anything at all! Mysterious as their feeding habits may be, provide healthy and fun snacks to get them interested in food and keep them filled up with some nutritious ideas that should appeal to the fussiest of toddlers.    1. Smoothie Snack  Let your child make their own smoothie. Add some…

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Toddler Meal Ideas

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Toddler Meal Ideas Trying to find fun new ideas for your toddler’s mealtimes can be tough. To encourage fussy eaters or encourage your little one to try new foods, make food fun. Here are five great toddler meal ideas that will keep them amused while packing a nutritional punch too. 1. Superhero Breakfast Provide your child with a bowl of porridge or hot oat cereal and give them some small bowls  full of ingredients that they can choose from to top their porridge. Offer lots of…

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How to Encourage Fussy Eaters

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How to Encourage Fussy Eaters Even children who were happy to try new foods as babies can go through phases of fussy eating – but what do you do when your adventurous little veggie lover suddenly decides to go through life fueled only by a piece of toast (no crusts) and a handful of cheesy crisps? The first thing to note (which you will no doubt have heard already) is that your child will not starve themselves. They will eat when they are hungry. In the meantime, it is a big worry. We all read…

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