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Helping Toddlers Learn through Play

Posted in Developing Toddler Skills

Helping Toddlers Learn through Play   Learning through play is something you might hear a lot when your child is young, but really it isn't a particularly new idea. As adults, we learn through play all the time. As we play a computer game, take part in a sport or enjoy a hobby, we are learning new skills and honing old ones without even realizing it. For children, this effect is magnified many times over – children play so much that a very large part of their learning takes place as they play. Pre-schools,…

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Encouraging Toddlers to Talk

Posted in Developing Toddler Skills

Encouraging Toddlers to Talk   Whether your child chatters away to themselves in a language only they understand, or whether they are the quiet type and save their words for the rarest of occasions, there are times when every parent wonders about their child’s speech development. While checking guidelines as to how the  speech  should be developing at each stage and  trying to monitor your child’s vocabulary might  help you  gain a  better idea of where you child  is developmentally, it is…

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