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Night-time Toilet Training

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Night-time Toilet Training Most parents and experts recommend getting your child dry through the day before trying to get them dry through the night. As they train during the day, their bladder and bowel control will improve and they will become more aware of the urge to go and this sets them up for a more successful time when it comes to leaving the nappies off through the night.…

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Toilet Training Problems

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For every toilet training problem, there is a solution. You might be surprised to learn that many of the problems you may encounter while potty training or toilet training your child are down to readiness. If the child was not ready to be trained or was ready and then moved past that so that essentially you missed the best time to train them, you are more likely to encounter problems. So if you haven’t already started training, making sure that your child is showing…

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Toilet Training for Girls

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Toilet Training for Girls Girls are typically ready to train a little earlier than boys and they may take to the potty or toilet quicker than boys, so the training period may be shorter. Each child is different and your little girl may love the idea of potty training or they may resist it. If she resists too much, she may not be ready, so postpone the training until she is more receptive to the idea. Get her Involved While boys tend to be excited at the prospect of a potty in the design of…

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Toilet Training for Boys

Posted in Toilet Training

Toilet Training for Boys There is a difference in potty training boy and girls. Boys tend to take a few months longer before they are ready to be trained compared to girls. They may also take a little longer to train. In saying that, every child is different, so don’t necessarily expect your son to take longer than your daughter – some boys fly through the potty training process. Get the Timing Right Timing is crucial when potty training a boy – it is important you start them in their…

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Is your Toddler Ready to Toilet Train?

Posted in Toilet Training

Is your Toddler Ready to Toilet Train? Whether you are looking forward to saying goodbye to nappies forever, or you are dreading the thought of toilet training your toddler, most experts will agree that the most important part of the process is recognizing the signs that your child is truly ready for this next, important step. Why is it so Important to be Ready? Many of the problems parents and carers encounter when trying to potty or toilet train a toddler can be traced back to the child not being…

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