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Toddler Development - 25 to 30 Months

Posted in Month by Month Development

Toddler Development - 25 to 30 Months  Your baby isn't really a baby anymore – you have a fully-fledged toddler and your days are probably taken up with trying to keep up with their boundless energy and changing notions! It is an exciting time and so much is happening in all areas of your child’s development. Physical Development Your little one will have moved on from those wobbly  first steps and dangerous-looking runs to be confident  and daring on their feet. Stairs and steps are no longer  an…

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Toddler Development - 19 to 24 Months

Posted in Month by Month Development

Toddler Development - 19 to 24 Months  After the 18 month milestone, it may be hard to keep track of your little one simply because at this stage they are moving around so much! It is an exciting time – your baby is now a toddler and the toddler stage is lots of fun as well as lots of work. Enjoy it, as it flies by, and make the most of the fact that you can now communicate with your baby in a much more real and effective way.

Physical Development

While your little one may love to run, they  may not…

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Toddler Development - 12 to 18 Months

Posted in Month by Month Development

Toddler Development - 12 to 18 Months  Every stage is an exciting one for baby and the whole family, and this stage after the first birthday is no exception. In fact, this is a stage when you will see some of the biggest changes in your baby’s development. All babies develop at different rates so the following are simple guidelines to help you understand what you can look forward to during this exciting stage. Moving Around We all know babies who  walked before the first  birthday, and those who…

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Helping Toddlers to Toddle - Learning to Walk

Posted in Developing Toddler Skills

Helping Toddlers to Toddle - Learning to Walk When will my baby crawl? When will my toddler walk? When will my teenager rebel? Parenthood has a lot of unknowns; each child is different so  don’t be tempted to compare your little one with others. In a  room full of children waddling around taking their first steps,  your little one might be happy to sit or roll around a bit.  Perhaps they love crawling so much they don’t really feel the  need to get on their feet, or maybe they have never crawled  and aren't…

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Helping Toddlers Learn through Play

Posted in Developing Toddler Skills

Helping Toddlers Learn through Play   Learning through play is something you might hear a lot when your child is young, but really it isn't a particularly new idea. As adults, we learn through play all the time. As we play a computer game, take part in a sport or enjoy a hobby, we are learning new skills and honing old ones without even realizing it. For children, this effect is magnified many times over – children play so much that a very large part of their learning takes place as they play. Pre-schools,…

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Encouraging Toddlers to Talk

Posted in Developing Toddler Skills

Encouraging Toddlers to Talk   Whether your child chatters away to themselves in a language only they understand, or whether they are the quiet type and save their words for the rarest of occasions, there are times when every parent wonders about their child’s speech development. While checking guidelines as to how the  speech  should be developing at each stage and  trying to monitor your child’s vocabulary might  help you  gain a  better idea of where you child  is developmentally, it is…

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Healthy Sweet Treats for Toddlers

Posted in Feeding

Healthy Sweet Treats for ToddlersThey all deserve a sweet snack now and then and toddlers love their little treats! Whether you serve these after dinner as dessert, for a kids party or for a weekend treat, remember to keep the amount of sugar your child has to a minimum and if you are serving a sweet treat then cut down on sugar elsewhere, such as in drinks.  1. Chocolate Nibbles  While fondue sounds very 1975, chocolate  fountains and dips are all the rage. You can create  your own yummy…

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Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Posted in Feeding

Healthy Snacks for Toddlers
Your toddler may sometimes seem like a bottomless pit – following you to the kitchen for a snack every time you get up! At other times, the same toddler may need coaxing to eat anything at all! Mysterious as their feeding habits may be, provide healthy and fun snacks to get them interested in food and keep them filled up with some nutritious ideas that should appeal to the fussiest of toddlers.    1. Smoothie Snack  Let your child make their own smoothie. Add some…

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Toddler Meal Ideas

Posted in Feeding

Toddler Meal Ideas Trying to find fun new ideas for your toddler’s mealtimes can be tough. To encourage fussy eaters or encourage your little one to try new foods, make food fun. Here are five great toddler meal ideas that will keep them amused while packing a nutritional punch too. 1. Superhero Breakfast Provide your child with a bowl of porridge or hot oat cereal and give them some small bowls  full of ingredients that they can choose from to top their porridge. Offer lots of…

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How to Encourage Fussy Eaters

Posted in Feeding

How to Encourage Fussy Eaters Even children who were happy to try new foods as babies can go through phases of fussy eating – but what do you do when your adventurous little veggie lover suddenly decides to go through life fueled only by a piece of toast (no crusts) and a handful of cheesy crisps? The first thing to note (which you will no doubt have heard already) is that your child will not starve themselves. They will eat when they are hungry. In the meantime, it is a big worry. We all read…

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Rainy Day Ideas for Toddlers

Posted in Activities

Rainy Day Ideas for Toddlers When it rains and you are stuck indoors or on those long days when your child seems to be stuck for things to do, mix up the schedule a little with a new idea to enjoy yourselves together and forget the weather. Welly Walk Just because it is raining doesn't mean you have to stay indoors all day. Make sure there is plenty of hot water for a bath and then head outdoors wearing willies, raincoats and take an umbrella. Let your child splash in the puddles, run in the…

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Outdoor Fun For Toddlers

Posted in Activities

Outdoor Fun For Toddlers Spending time outdoors is good for your child in so many different ways. For a start, they get more exercise which is great for their health and fitness. They also get valuable vitamin D from the sunlight and plenty of fresh air. All this means a strong appetite, better sleep and a happier child. So if you want something different to do with your child outside, check out these options that can turn a dull day into an adventure. Water Play This is a great activity…

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Nature walks for Toddlers

Posted in Activities

While nature walks are a staple part of many school activities or nursery day trips, toddlers can enjoy this fun activity too. With some simple planning, you can teach your child valuable lessons about the outside world as well as having lots of fun and of course, getting some good exercise and fresh air.  Animal Magic Whatever the weather, you can enjoy the out of doors with your child. On a rainy day, wellington boots and a raincoat and umbrella make jumping in…

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Reading to your Toddler - Tips for Parents

Posted in Activities

Reading to your Toddler - Tips for Parents  We all know that reading is good for our children, but did you know that even newborns can benefit from hearing you read? The benefits are magnified as your child gets older, and at the toddler stage your child is at their most receptive to new words and ideas. So boost their vocabulary, teach them about the world around them and get them interested in books in general by making the most of your reading times together. What to Read Don’t worry so much about the…

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Learning Games for Toddlers

Posted in Activities

Learning Games for Toddlers Toddlers love to play, and with each game, however silly, they are learning. As they play, they make connections about the world around them and gain valuable skills that will help them when they make the move into more formal education. Games that you can enjoy with your child and that can help them learn benefit the whole family – so here are some ideas for your enjoy learning games. Matching Shapes Some simple cards that you make yourself can be just as good as…

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Make it Yourself - DIY fun with your Toddler

Posted in Activities

Most children love the make their own toys – getting artistic and then actually having something they can play with afterwards is incredibly rewarding for children of all ages, so here are a few ideas that you can use to get creative with your child.  Puppets Puppets are great fun – they look cool and they promote great imaginative play with is essential for your child’s development. One of the easiest and best ways to make puppets with your child is to get hold of…

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Getting Crafty with your Toddler

Posted in Activities

Getting Crafty with your ToddlerCraft time is a happy time for most toddlers. They love the chance to get creative and experiment with different textures, colours and techniques. At the toddler stage, children are so proud of their artwork, every little achievement is a big deal and you can make this even more rewarding by making a fuss over their creations, displaying and enjoying them in the home.   Make a Craft Box  Putting together a craft box of  materials and tools to help your  child enjoy…

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Cooking with your Toddler

Posted in Activities

Cooking with your ToddlerChildren love to help with household tasks, and cookery is one of the tasks most likely to get their full attention. Not only because cookery has lots of potential for mess, but also because they love to sample the finished results! Getting busy in the kitchen is a great way to bond with your children – just as shared mealtimes are a great time to chat, cooking and baking can give you plenty of opportunity to have close conversations with your child, whether that…

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Toddler-proof your Home

Posted in Home Safety

When your child first pulled themselves up from crawling to standing, you no doubt suddenly realized that there were a lot of thing that were suddenly within reach that had previously been safely out of sight. So anything that could have been a hazard got moved up to a higher level. When your child began to walk, everything got pushed back or placed even higher up… so what do you do now that you have a very adventurous toddler who has a knack of finding the most…

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When to End Daytime Napping

Posted in Bedtime

When to End Daytime Napping If your toddler still has a nap during the day and you wonder when they should stop, or if your child has recently stopped daytime napping and is grouchy as a result, it can leave you wondering what the best course of action is for toddlers who are at that in-between stage. There are no absolute rules when it comes to daytime napping. In general, if your child is tired then they should have the nap. Children of toddler age need 12-14 hours of sleep in any 24 hours,…

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Is Your Toddler Waking During the Night?

Posted in Sleep problems

Is Your Toddler Waking During the Night? It’s 3am, you are fast asleep when you are woken by those little footsteps and a request for a drink/snack/story/television program/ bouncing on the bed session. It’s tough, and for those who have to work the next day, it can be a real problem. Other toddlers wake up and cry for 10 minutes/half an hour/until you go to them. Both problems are essentially the same – for whatever reason, your child is waking up mid-sleep and disrupting the household, not to mention…

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Bad Dreams and Night Terrors in Toddlers

Posted in Sleep problems

Bad Dreams and Night Terrors in Toddlers  We all know how frightening a nightmare can be, even as adults we can have dreams that wake us up in a cold sweat or stay with us through the day leaving us feel shaken. For children who find it harder to discern between reality and dreams, these nightmares can be very traumatic. We naturally wake up and feel relieved that ‘it was only a dream’ while children wake and find themselves in a different place, time and situation and feel even more frightened. So how…

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Night-time Toilet Training

Posted in Toilet Training

Night-time Toilet Training Most parents and experts recommend getting your child dry through the day before trying to get them dry through the night. As they train during the day, their bladder and bowel control will improve and they will become more aware of the urge to go and this sets them up for a more successful time when it comes to leaving the nappies off through the night. Night time is harder for two reasons – firstly, it is a longer time; you are aiming for your child to stay dry…

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Toilet Training Problems

Posted in Toilet Training

For every toilet training problem, there is a solution. You might be surprised to learn that many of the problems you may encounter while potty training or toilet training your child are down to readiness. If the child was not ready to be trained or was ready and then moved past that so that essentially you missed the best time to train them, you are more likely to encounter problems. So if you haven’t already started training, making sure that your child is showing…

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Toilet Training for Girls

Posted in Toilet Training

Toilet Training for Girls Girls are typically ready to train a little earlier than boys and they may take to the potty or toilet quicker than boys, so the training period may be shorter. Each child is different and your little girl may love the idea of potty training or they may resist it. If she resists too much, she may not be ready, so postpone the training until she is more receptive to the idea. Get her Involved While boys tend to be excited at the prospect of a potty in the design of…

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Toilet Training for Boys

Posted in Toilet Training

Toilet Training for Boys There is a difference in potty training boy and girls. Boys tend to take a few months longer before they are ready to be trained compared to girls. They may also take a little longer to train. In saying that, every child is different, so don’t necessarily expect your son to take longer than your daughter – some boys fly through the potty training process. Get the Timing Right Timing is crucial when potty training a boy – it is important you start them in their…

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Is your Toddler Ready to Toilet Train?

Posted in Toilet Training

Is your Toddler Ready to Toilet Train? Whether you are looking forward to saying goodbye to nappies forever, or you are dreading the thought of toilet training your toddler, most experts will agree that the most important part of the process is recognizing the signs that your child is truly ready for this next, important step. Why is it so Important to be Ready? Many of the problems parents and carers encounter when trying to potty or toilet train a toddler can be traced back to the child not being…

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Public Toddler Tantrums - What to Do?

Posted in Tantrums

Public Toddler Tantrums - What to Do? One of the biggest issues for parents with toddlers who tantrum is how to deal with the tantrums while they are in public. While some parents can stick out the tantrum and deal with it as they would at home, many more are embarrassed and find it difficult to implement the same procedures as they would normally. There are two issues here – how to avoid public tantrums (without giving in to your toddler’s every demand) and how to deal with any tantrums that do…

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Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

Posted in Tantrums

Understanding that toddler tantrums can be caused by your child feeling frustrated and unable to properly communicate these feelings of frustration can help you be a little more patient with the tantrums, but how do you deal with them effectively? Helping your toddler, who clearly isn't enjoying the tantrums any more than you are, is tricky, but if you are committed to dealing with the tantrums effectively with a view to leaving them behind (at least until the…

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Why Toddlers Tantrum - Understanding your Child's Temper!

Posted in Tantrums

Why Toddlers Tantrum - Understanding your Child's Temper!When your child was a baby you probably had lots of people say things like, “oh, wait til he reaches the terrible twos!”, “this is nothing compared to toddler tantrums!” and by now you are probably either blissfully unaware of the fact that toddler tantrums can leave you tearing your hair out, or you are dreading it to such a degree that you are watching your little one for signs they are about to turn at any moment! Even if your child has always been a little…

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Using 'Time Out' to Teach your Toddler

Posted in Postive and Negative Reinforcement

Using 'Time Out' to Teach your Toddler Toddlers need time out. When they get overwhelmed and act up, have a tantrum or do something that they have been told not to do, time out of the situation can be the best solution. Master the art of ‘time out’ and you can deal with your toddler’s tantrums and unwanted behaviour quickly and easily, every time. Some parents use the naughty step, the concept is the same, but beware that a child placed on the ‘naughty’ step may start to think that they are naughty and…

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Reward Charts for Toddlers

Posted in Postive and Negative Reinforcement

Reward Charts for ToddlersA reward chart is a great tool which enables any parent to encourage good behaviour in their child. This is an ideal way to use positive reinforcement – reward the good behaviour and it is more likely to be repeated. Creating the Chart A good reward chart has the days of the week listed along one side and a few tasks along the other side that you would like your child to complete. Each day, your child gets a star, tick or sticker against the task, if it is…

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Play Dates

Posted in Socialising Problems

Play Dates Having a child over to play in your home can be very exciting for your child, and it can be a great way for them to socialise. It can also provide a valuable opportunity for you to meet the parents of other children and to see how your child interacts with other children.  Here are a few ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’. Do;
  • Establish a firm time for picking the child up or having them dropped off, and perhaps even more…

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Helping Toddlers Learn to Play with Others

Posted in Socialising Problems

Helping Toddlers Learn to Play with Others Social Interaction is one of the things your toddler learns during these pre-school years, but they may find it difficult at times to interact with other children and it can lead to problems. Tantrums, aggressive behaviour and avoidance of social situations can be all part of being a toddler when it comes to playing with other children. There are many reasons why toddlers find it particularly difficult to play with others, but each one has a solution. Sharing Children…

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Teaching Toddlers to Share

Posted in Socialising Problems

Teaching Toddlers to Share Sharing is not easy. It can feel impossible when your toddler goes through the “mine, mine, mine” stage. Possessions are important to toddlers, they get very attached to thing that are theirs and they have very little concept of something belonging to others. They also haven’t got enough experience of the world or understanding to see that while sometimes you share something and get it back, for example a toy, and sometimes you don’t get it back, for example a…

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Why is my Toddler Telling Lies?

Posted in Unwanted Habits

Why is my Toddler Telling Lies? It is not uncommon for children to tell lies. From ‘little white lies’ (which aren't always as harmless as they sound) to great big whoppers that they can’t possibly expect you to believe. They do it for many different reasons, and often they do it from an early age. Do all Children Lie? Children of all ages can lie, and most will go through a lying stage or lie occasionally when they think it will benefit them! Young children aren't always telling lies as such;…

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